To find out what cold seal packaging and a coating is all about, we break down the process and the significance.

Cold seal packaging is a process that is directly related with sealing or wrapping various types of products with a method of adhesive formulation. The was this process used in many industries is when the other packaging methods fail to meet the specified needs.

Products such as candy, chocolates, and in some cases medical supplies are among the main things that require this process. There are many other products such as tissues or cleaning towels that get packaged like this as well.

Cold Seal

But cold seal adhesive packaging isn’t the only process on the market; there are also other ways to wrap products. The difference between cold seal packaging or coating is that this process bonds the product with itself and doesn’t use any outer material to complete the ordeal. This process makes it unique compared to other kinds of adhesives that in many cases require a heating process or some pressure created by bonding machines.

cold seal packing machine

Heat adhesives are directly dependent on a source that emanates hot temperatures that can create the bonding process with relative ease, the cold adhesive is used with no heat source required. This method is exceedingly useful for companies that sell products that can’t have contact with heat.

Pressure-base adhesive method

This adhesive doesn’t require heating, companies that produce chocolate, candies and even medicine are the ones that use this one more often. Right on the area where pressure takes place, a particular type of paper is used in there to prevent the adhesive from fusing with the product. The primary product utilized for the cold adhesive is a mix of rubber and latex.

The effect of pressure in packaging that suits your needs

In any adhesive method used, pressure has a different effect on cold and hot glue. A higher amount of pressure means the bond will be much stronger in the packaging; this means that materials with a denser composition are more suitable for the cold process.

In some cases, leaving the bonding process longer will create a stronger packaging which is better for products such as medicine or foods to preserve them for a longer period.

Using the cold adhesive method in the food industry

As it has already been mentioned, this cold adhesive packaging method is used with foods and medical products. The process that these products go through are essential to keep them free of any toxicity; a special acrylic water based formula is used in the packaging that erases any types of allergy risk while still keeping all bonding characteristics.

These types of methods used for packaging also have the ability to help the products last a longer time sealed which grants them a longer life span.

All companies that use this type of packaging always have to make sure the process meets all of the FDA’s regulation processes. This looks like a relatively complicated process, but understanding it further helps all companies that want to sell packaged products choose the best methods for their needs. It all comes down to the type of business you have.

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